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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PANCING-BOY:Baung fishing on the River Bangi Lama

The intent of shrimp fishing folks wants,,,,,
The Banting area,,,,
Close at Carey Island,,,
But what could i do,,,
another friends of all ,,,,
go to course,,,,
feeling really want to fish very,,,
i plan with my sister in law,,,,
we follow one brother went fishing,,,
he says near the area many shrimp,,,
peh more fun to hear,,,
neat fishing equipment,,,,,
continue to house this bro,,,,
on the way home ,,,
Ooops,,, to heavy,,,,, what could i do,,, all the power of the one true God,,,
we plan,,,
Lord of determining,,,

Change plan Baung Fishing,,,,, also ,,,before it must find the bait first,,,,the international feed,,, moreover,, worm answered,,,6.00 PM until the target,,,,
if you see this brigde you all know this brigde to the Nilai 3 ,,,, way down to the USIM,,,,,

This is where fishing ,,,,,
have current water rapids,,,,
do not want to feel like fishing only,,,,
but becouse of withdrawal at a very,,,espicially fishing continiues ,,,,, Fishing,,,,

This is my fishing pole,,,,rod,,,,only cheaper,,,brand santec,,,be,,,want to respond to the extent of small fish,,,,If you look at this picture,,,, I put my bait on the edge water only,,,,I can be there only 3 tail "Baung",,,

Not very big,,,,,but can serve "baung"

The red t-shirt is brother sifu Uda ,,,
Fishing expert,,, all the fish ,,,, except salt water fish only,,, It is good sifu,,,the ratio of fishing i can be one,,,sifu posted 4 pieces,,,
hahahahaha,,, your guys do not really believe,,,
If there is damage of the fishing equimpent,,,can contact this sifu uda,,,,,,

This is the picture results,,,,
Posted to the house,,,,sifu house is located at "Teras Jenang, Bangi",,,
Look at the fish,,,lot,,,not a bit,,, there is another bag that i did not show,,,

Hahahahahaha,,, you says i was later plot,,,
This evidence,,,get fish,,,, my stick rod did not jump to river,,i have luck,,if not more money out the answer,,,bought a new fishing rod,,,ok,,,,, then i put the other picture,,,,

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